Sunday, September 9, 2012

Boat Problems

The biggest joke in the boating world is "The two best days with your boat is the day you buy it and the day you sell it!  Well we have owned several boats in our lives and I can truly say I don't feel that way.  True the day you bring your boat home is a wonderful day you just want to set on it and make all these wonderful plans, on the other hand when we have sold our boats for different reasons I feel like I'm loosing a close friend.  

 I'm saying all of this to let you know we are having some issues with our boat.  No we will not be selling it just taking some time to get it all fixed up and make her well again.  The problem is we have had some trouble this summer with the way it idols.  She runs great wide open but when it come time to slow down enough to come in to dock it keeps cutting off on us.  As you know docking a boat in a crowded area can be tough enough especially when the wind and currents want to play against you.  We have tried several options to take care of the problem with no progress.  After much research we now know that we are going to have to have the carburetors rebuilt.  The big deal with this is that there are six of them, and the cost is more than we can handle with the upcoming vacation.  The reason that the mechanics think this happened is the man that owned the boat prior to us probably did not use a ethanol treatment when filling up with gas which caused a bunch of gunk to build up.  This is a chance you take when buying a used boat.  No I still don't regret getting this particular boat, we got a great deal and the boat is exactly what we were looking for.  We will have her fixed up by next spring and she will be ready to go again.  Don't let me discourage you from buying a used boat, the fun always out weighs the problems. 

On the other hand we  still have a trip planed in three weeks to the Outer Banks in NC.  This is not our first trip and will not be our last.  We have been there with our boat and without our boat and always had a wonderful time.  Unfortunately this time will be without the boat.  Not to worry there will still be a lot of fishing and fun going on.  There is always surf fishing, pier fishing and I think one day may be a trip out on a head boat.  I look at it as this will give me a chance to show you all how you can still have an East Coast Boating Adventure at the Outer Banks even if you don't own a boat.

I am very excited about our trip and will be coming home with a lot of adventures to share with all of you.  So don't forget about me as I plan on having a lot of adventures in times to come.

Cathy Gillenwater
East Coast Boating Adventures

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