Monday, February 27, 2012

EAST COAST BOATING ADVENTURES  is for everyone who owns a boat, or enjoys boating. 
Old Boat - New Boat it does not matter. 
If you don't have a boat yet that's OK a lot of Marinas have Boat Rentals available.

Friday, February 24, 2012


We like to travel to different locations on the East Coast.  We experience this by towing our 20' Sea Hunt behind our Dodge Pickup, and who knows where we might end up. 

Like most of you out there we have to watch our money close so we try to get the most out of each trip. 

We like to get the full experience so sometimes we will be staying at hotels near a boat landing, or if lucky find a nice place with dockage.  We have also found many times just staying at a State Park setting up camp works best.  And if we really feal adventurous we will even toss a blow up mattress on the back of the boat and sleep under the stars!  My husband expecially likes this because he is into fishing and anchoring off in some cove or anchorage point gives him the chance to fish all night long.

Overall my point is there are many ways to travel, go boating and just enjoy yourself without breaking the bank.  Hopefully some of our adventures will give you an idea, so pack up the boat and lets GO!!!