Monday, June 4, 2012

East Coast Boating Adventures - Oak Island / Bald Head Island

Oak Island

What a wonderful weekend!  Hooked up the boat early Friday morning and headed out to Oak Island, NC.    The weather was great low 80's and a nice breeze in the air.  Once arriving we soon found our motel/marina.   I had called a couple a weeks earlier and book us at
Always a little concerned about booking a place sight unseen but what a pleasant surprise. 
Blue Water Point is an older  motel but very clean and well kept.   The place offered us everything we needed.  The boat landing and marina is there on site, so once unpacked in the room we were ready to unload the boat and park the boat in the marina.  They even had a special parking area for us to keep the trailer. 

Our room was on the bottom floor and on the back side which was perfect as there is a sea wall that wraps around the motel offering an alternate fishing location right outside your door.  They have benches and rod holders all along the wall.  We enjoyed it so much we just spent a couple of hours setting out there relaxing after a long day.

If you don't own a boat but still want to get out on the water the "Princess" is charter boat that stays docked at the marina.  She offers fishing trips and also evening cruises.  The captain also manages the motel and a great person who is very knowledgeable of the area.

Talking about knowledge just check out the locals at the marina's "Fisherman's Wharf"  Add a couple of drinks and who knows how big the catch of the day really is?????

Last but not least one of the top restaurants on the island is also on site.  It opens at 5:00 and the crowds would gather around to wait to get in.

Oak Island is sandwiched between the ocean and the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW).  Once you pull out of the marina you hit the ICW.  Just a short ride and you are at Southport and Bald Head Island.
Bald Head can only be reached by boat or the ferry that runs from Southport. 

Bald Head Island

This was our destination for Saturday morning.  We took our boat so we could come and go as we pleased.  I reserved a golf cart ahead of time at
this is the only transportation on the island as no cars are allowed.  The roads are narrow paved passages.  It is a wonderful way to enjoy the scenery. 

 The lighthouse (Old Baldy) has a museum you can visit.

Also a short walk and you will be at the local Post Office

Across the street is the most peaceful looking church you would ever want to attend.

If you take the road on the beach side there will be parking places all along the way for a short walk to the beach.  At the end of the island is the point a beautiful beach area to set up for the day.  But be sure and stop by the market to pick up what you need for a picnic lunch.


After a very enjoyable morning we headed back toward the marina. 
  A beautiful place to dock or rent a transit slip for the night.  This is definitely a place you will want to spend some time.

The afternoon was spent heading out to one of the reefs to do a little fishing.
  Caught a couple of blue and sea trout, nothing to brag about.

Our trip was cut short on Sunday with a little boat problem.  Having some carburetor issues.  Oh well that's just life.  No big deal heading home to get things fixed and ready for the next trip. 

Don't ever let breaking down with a boat discourage you.  My recommendation is to make sure you are a member of "Boat US or Sea Tow"  membership is very reasonable and then there is no need to worry or spoil you vacation on expensive tows.

Had a wonderful trip thanks to everyone we met along the way and now looking forward for our next East Coast Boating Adventures.

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